6 week review

Solid training and a good diet have just hit the 6 week mark.  It’s a good time then to have a look at how things have gone so far;  review and then make the changes I feel are required.  I’ve got to admit to yo-yo ing from feeling great about things one day and then having doubts the next.

In the scheme of things, 6 weeks is a very short space of time. I’m learning early on that to keep faith and trust in what you’re doing and the process in which you are doing it- is key. The backup is the discipline of doing it – because motivation levels are going to naturally go up down but results come through consistency of effort.

The 6 week progress shot (crumbs)

This is still fairly uncomfortable being honest. Whilst I accept that photos are the best way to see how you’re doing (and ultimately this whole thing comes down to a beauty contest / body building comp!) it still feels a bit odd and self absorbed.

I have tried to be completely relaxed in the photo, standing in the same spot and not using any filters etc.  Both have been taken on the Monday morning, before breakfast at more or less the same time in the morning. With any measuring, to control and replicate the conditions are the best way to determine results. If you’re wondering then yes, this is my sons bedroom and I am constantly standing on their bloody spiky toys.

week 6 comparison

Clearly, no big changes to write home about 🙂 It looks like what it is – I’m slightly leaner than 6 weeks ago. The main positive is that loosing that small amount of fat has not taken muscle with it, and I think that’s due to eating enough protein, being in a relatively small calorie deficit and of course, training intensely with resistance exercise.

One of the main issues facing anyone interested in changing their body composition, is that social media is full of remarkable transformations in 6/8/12 weeks. Fuck that! I’m not knocking the achievements of those involved, hats off and fair play to them. However, most of these posts are linked to the supplement or training programme on offer to give you the same results at only £30 a tub / $50 subscription.  Let’s face it, they are not going to shift much `Mega Lipid Burn 3000′ on posting my photo above!


On my journey (oh God I’ve just written that) there is the choice to go slow and not take any supplements; backing myself on taking an approach where ultimately the results will be better – even if they do take a whole lot longer.



Hand on heart – loved every session.  Each workout has been recorded in my little book, and there has been a conscious effort to apply progressive overload to each muscle group and individual training session.  Weights are going up, rep ranges are being mixed and the intensity and tempo of training has been great.

There are two left-over niggles / injuries from rugby in my knee and lower back which are still being worked around to a degree.  One goal over the next 6 week is to work up to some barbell squats and dead-lifting. The hope is to be in a position on week 12 to start a lower rep and heavier weight phase, which both those exercises can be part of.

Over the last couple of weeks, training sessions have been a lot more instinctive rather than preordained in terms of what muscles groups are trained.  Weeks 1-4 was very much Monday = Chest & Triceps / Wednesday is legs etc. Recently though, if a body part is the slightest bit sore from the last session, it isn’t being trained. I’ve also been taking more regular 2 day breaks. It feels better to rest more, rather than forcing a muscle group through a session where gut feel is telling you to wait another day.


Whilst training is going to remain much the same, all be it a little less regimented – I am going to make some changes to my diet after reading up on fats. My knowledge is limited on diet and is going to be the biggest area of  where just holding my hands up and saying `no, I got that wrong’ is going to happen.

For the first 5 weeks, my calorie split was made up of approx 40% protein / 40% carbs and 20% fats.  I’m going to change that in swapping around the fats and carbs ratios.  It is a fairly simple plan; two of my meals have been 150/200 gr of oatmeal = 300/400g on a daily basis.  The intention is to half that oatmeal intake and replace the calories with fats in the form of olive oil dressing on salads, with a daily 60g pot of nuts. Perhaps that is over simple but that’s what seems to make sense.

My salad dressing recipe is 5 table spoons of olive oil, 1 table spoon of Balsamic vinegar and half teaspoon of Dijon or whole grain mustard.  That tossed over over a bag of salad seems to work well in terms of the salad being oily yes, but not wet. The salads are green with bright colours! Simple as that.


The physical training aspect is going well and improvements are being made all the time. More of the same then, only this time fuelling the exercise and rest days on a diet higher in fats and lower in carbs, whilst maintaining a good protein intake.  Let’s see where things are in another 6 weeks time.


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