Brockhampton – SATURATION 3

Oh bloody hell yes!  It went like this.

Three days back and care of Radio 6, Queen (one of many we are blessed with) of alternative day time radio and broadcaster gold, Lauren Leverne, tweets about her current obsession which is Marlowe – Lost Horizons.

I’m in and straight onto Soundcloud, although on this platform at least, the search yields only the following glorious 2:40. This hits all the right sweet spots, and upon getting the album will no doubt become the subject of a later post. These two chaps, L’Orange & Solemn Brigham, have made something very special.


Anyhoo, this track was subsequently shared on a friend collective whats app group. I do this often and am often ignored. I’d like to think it’s a platform thing (they’re all on Spotify) but it’s more likely to be the tedium of me posting them yet another `you MUST have this in your life‘ type recommendation. These dudes know their tunes. However one mate did respond with `if you like that, then you should listen to Brockhampton‘, and I did, and it is wonderful.

brockahmpton 2

Clearly, the name of the Album being `Saturation 3′ means there are two others yet to be listened to. But this isn’t the Superman or Star Wars series and I think you can go straight in to the third instalment with no chance of confusion. I’m not there with Ja Ja Binks still to be honest.

What do I know / what have I gleamed so far about Brockhampton? Being an unashamedly boy-band boy band is one key feature. There are loads of them, both in relation to the music and the creative surrounding them – a posse’ of very young, very creative, super confident and very mixed (sexuality, ethnicity) lads.  If you take One Direction and run very quickly, sprint in fact, in the other direction – et’ voila – Brockhampton.

I promised myself not to use fusion’ on any music type blog posts. That’s impossible when alternative hip-hop gold comes along. Saturation 3 is a fusion of hip hop, funk, soul and pop.

Comparison is the killer of all joy, but being so new to writing you’ll have to forgive me until my skills improve enough not to compare to convey what I’m hearing. On Saturation 3, there are moments that wouldn’t be out of place in an Outkast album, Andre’ himself could come in at any moment, thinking in particular of gorgeous `HOTTIE’.  Intentionally or not, that track also tips hat’s to Kelis’ Tasty – and it’s there you find some more links to Andre’.

Immediately after Hottie’ comes the antithesis like Sister Nation’.  Punky and dark,  you could overlay N.E.R.D’s Everyone Nose `all the girls’…over the top and it wouldn’t be out of place.

You’ll dance with this too, that’s for sure. And, as with every good hip-hopper, on a further listen the abundant clever lines of thought provoking bars and dry wit starts to embed.  I keep thinking Flaming Lips. Sonic quality whilst a style, bravado and creative flair that sets these guys apart. Their an act really, one that I cannot wait to see. My guess is they’ll do George Clinton proud.



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